Colleen M Farrell MD

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Colleen Farrell is a resident physician in internal medicine at Bellevue Hospital and NYU Langone in New York City. Her candid writings about her experiences in medical training have appeared in JAMA, The Hastings Center Report and STAT, among other publications. An advocate for integrating the arts and humanities in medicine, she is the Founder and Director of MedHumChat. She is currently writing a memoir.

Medicine has taught me that there is wisdom in the body. If we would put our stethoscopes to our own chests, we would hear the pause of diastole. We would remember that during that pause there is work being done. A drop in pressure. Relaxation. Expansion. And then, with a full heart, a gush of life.

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It is difficult to step foot in an ICU without feeling the pain and suffering held within its walls. It is hard to suppress existential questions in such proximity to death. And yet it’s easier to talk about ventilators than these very human responses. To care for our patients, we need to acknowledge their humanity, and our own.